For Education

If you want to study in Germany Adicoo is a consultancy foundation that provides varied services to international students coming from different Arabic countries who want to study in Europe specifically in Germany

Our Prospective Departments

Languages (Arabic, English, German)

We teach three languages Arabic, English and Germany for non-native speakers through Classes individual or small groups (day or evening classes for those who are working)

Our Target Groups

We provide consultancy to the international students who are still in their countries and would like to come to Germany to study. We also provide our services to students who are already in Germany

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Why Choose Us

Find Scholarship

If you are looking for scholarship to study in Germany we provide you with all the information needed to find scholarship providers looking for students who are interested in varied programs, subjects or researches.

We offer you all the information needed about the required documents and we supervise all the communications with scholarship providers

We are well informed about scholarships not only in Germany but also in Europe.

We link you with different scholarship internet groups where it it easier to find information and to learn about application procedure

Student Accommodation

 There are cheap apartments available for students who are coming to study in Germany

We help you to find the proper apartment in all the German cities whether you need an individual apartment (studio), collective apartment (called in Germany WGs means apartments shared between two, three or more students), or apartment for students with children or family members.

We advise you on varied housing facilities and possibilities in Germany

We negotiate prices but generally an individual student apartment varied between € 300 and € 600 per month

You can choose where to live in different cities in Germany and we provide you with all the facilities and services available near to your apartment such as doctors, hospital, language schools, shopping places, restaurants and primary and secondary schools in case you come to Germany with your children

Mediating Students’ Jobs and Internships

As international student in Germany we can advise you to get work permit, however students are allowed to work specific number of months per year as part-time employees and workers. This is one way to finance your study in Germany

We have many student job facilitators and agencies that we are partners with and we connect you with them

Normally student occupations include working in restaurants, office work, courier work, hostess work and many others. Students work fairs depending on the type of work and varied between €6-12/ hour

For the work permit you need varied requirements such as the social number, we help you also to get all these required documents

Many student are required to do internships during their studies, we connect you with companies, universities or banks where you can conduct your internships

We provide you with all the necessary information about these institutions

The Appropriate Language Course

For bachelor students, leaning the German language is one of the basic requirements, however other students who would like to get a master or PhD degrees from Germany, they are also advised to learn the language for their daily communication

That is why we collected a huge data about most of the language schools and courses to help you to learn the language. We connect you to the nearest school to your apartment or any other school you would like to study in. We take the initiative steps for your application

We have much information about many language schools which are providing courses varied between individual courses, small classes or big groups under the supervision of highly qualified instructors and materials

We get you the invitation letter from the language school that is needed to apply for visa in your country

We provide you also with all the required information on language testes in Germany

We can also help you to learn other languages than the German language including English, French or others

Contact Us

Dr. Gihan Adam Abdalla

Dr. Sociology and Finance from Free University Germany

MA. Developmental Sociology ISS Institute of International Social Studies, the Netherlands


Müllerstr. 80-81

13349 Berlin



Mobile: 00 4915210207466

Telephone : 0049 30 450 85 722

Adicoo Admission and Registration Procedure

Contact us to provide you with all the details of the application process

You need to fill in Adicoo student formula online, you need to provide detailed information about your background studies and level of the languages you speak and most important the specific service you need us to do and how can we contact you. After we receive your request, we are going to process the request and provide you with an evolution of the costs. We will keep in contact with you till we reach a satisfied agreement. Mean while we will provide you will all the needed information to take your decision regarding what which university, what type of studies and programs and scholarships available to you

We accompany you though out the process of application until you enter your classroom. Even after that we keep in contact with you regarding any problem that might face you

Facts about Germany

Area: 357,022 sq km (slightly smaller than Japan) Population: 82 million (EU, 2012) – second largest in Europe, after Russia Borders with: France, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Austria Capital city: Berlin Official language: German Federal republic split into 16 states, known as Länder Germany has the world’s fourth largest GDP […]

Health Insurance

There are different and many health insurance companies that provide varied services for international students in Germany depending on if you are a university student or language course student or a guest scientist we can find you the proper health insurance in Germany With no regard to your age or health status different German and […]